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Sales reports and payment of comissions

Routine regarding sales reports and payment of commissions

  • Sales reports and the basis for payment of commissions are distributed via our website.
  • When there have been sales of your pictures an e-mail is sent to you monthly. The commission has to exceed 1 000 SEK for the report to be closed. After receiving an e-mail, go to our website in order to approve the sales report for the period in question.


Click on Commission Reports in order to see your sales reports.

  • Open the sales report with the status Need approval by clicking on the report number.
  • Go through the report thoroughly. If everything is in order, approve/sign the report by filling in Invoice number and clicking Submit. You shall only approve the commissions that are correct. If you find any faults, choose the most appropriate reason in the drop-down list for each row that is not correct and then approve/sign the report by clicking Submit.


Payment will be made 30 days after you have approved the report to the account number you have stated.



  • An invoice number is required in order for you to be able to approve/sign the report. This number is for your own bookkeeping and can be set to any number (no letters) you want.
  • You shall NOT send us an invoice in order to get your payment.


Explanation of status

Open = On-going sales during the period. Not ready for approval/payment.

Need approval = The period is closed and the report is to be approved. Approval is needed from the supplier in order for payment to be made.

Approved = Report approved by the supplier. Payment will be made 30 days after the day of approval.

Attested = Report attested by TT News Agency.

Paid = Commission has been paid.


Update your settings

In order for payment to be executed you need to update your settings with your bank information etc.

  • Go to our website and log in. 
  • Click on Account, then complete and, if needed, correct the information. In order for the payment to be made correctly it is important that the bank information is correct and that you state in what currency the payment is to be made. Don’t forget to Save if you make any changes.  


In order to avoid a delay of the first payment, please complete your settings as soon as possible after receiving this letter.


If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:  

or phone +46 8 692 26 15.


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