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Sales reports and commissions

Routine for sales reports and commissions:

  • You will find the sales and commission reports on our website.
  • The commission has to exceed 500 SEK for the report to be closed. If not, the system will wait for your commission to reach that limit - but the report will be closed for approval at the latest one year after registration of the sale.
  • When there is a report for you to approve you will get an e-mail with instructions to log in.
  • Follow these steps:
    • Click on Commission Reports  (top left).
    • Open the sales report with the status Need approval by clicking on the report number.
    • Read the report thoroughly. You should only approve the commissions that are correct. If you find any faults, choose the most appropriate option in the drop-down list for each row that is not correct.
    • When everything is in order, approve/sign the report by writing an Invoice number and clicking Submit.
    • After the fist Submit-click, the button turns red with a warning text. Click Submit once more. Now your report is approved.
  • Payment will be made 30 days after the day of approval.



  • An invoice number is required to submit the report. This number is for your own book-keeping and can be set to any number (no letters).
  • You should NOT send us an invoice. You only need to submit the report on our web site to get your payment.


Explanation of status:

  • Open = On-going sales during the period. Not ready for approval/payment.
  • Need approval = The period is closed and you have to approve the report.
  • Approved = You have submitted the report and your commission will be paid within 30 days.
  • Attested = Report attested by TT News Agency.
  • Paid = Commission has been paid.


Update your settings!

To pay your commissions we need your bank information, including currency etc.

  • Log in to our website  and click on Commission Reports.
  • Click on Account (top right), then complete or correct the information. Don’t forget to click Save if you make any changes.  


Forgot your password?

No problem. Yo can easily get yourself a new one where you log in.

  1. Write your username and click NÄSTA.
  2. Click on the small text Återställ lösenord.
  3. Write your username in the next box and click on the button BEGÄR LÖSENORD.
  4. You will receive an e-mail to confirm, where you again click a button ÅTERSTÄLL LÖSENORDET.
  5. An e-mail arrives with your new password.

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Any questions? Please contact us:
+46 8 692 26 15