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Sales reports and commissions

Routine for sales reports and commissions:

  • You will find the sales and commission reports on our website.
  • The commission has to exceed 500 SEK for the report to be closed. If not, the system will wait for your commission to reach that limit - but the report will be closed for approval at the latest one year after registration of the sale.
  • When there is a report for you to approve you will get an e-mail with instructions to log in.
  • Follow these steps:
    • Click on Commission Reports  (top left).
    • Open the sales report with the status Need approval by clicking on the report number.
    • Read the report thoroughly. You should only approve the commissions that are correct. If you find any faults, choose the most appropriate option in the drop-down list for each row that is not correct.
    • When everything is in order, approve/sign the report by writing an Invoice number and clicking Submit.
    • After the fist Submit-click, the button turns red with a warning text. Click Submit once more. Now your report is approved.
  • Payment will be made 30 days after the day of approval.



  • An invoice number is required to submit the report. This number is for your own book-keeping and can be set to any number (no letters).
  • You should NOT send us an invoice. You only need to submit the report on our web site to get your payment.


Explanation of status:

  • Open = On-going sales during the period. Not ready for approval/payment.
  • Need approval = The period is closed and you have to approve the report.
  • Approved = You have submitted the report and your commission will be paid within 30 days.
  • Attested = Report attested by TT News Agency.
  • Paid = Commission has been paid.


Update your settings!

To pay your commissions we need your bank information, including currency etc.

  • Log in to our website  and click on Commission Reports.
  • Click on Account (top right), then complete or correct the information. Don’t forget to click Save if you make any changes.  

Any questions? Please contact us:
+46 8 692 26 15


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